Northern Liberties

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Forming in the year 2000, Northern Liberties are a three piece experimental post-punk band consisting of drums, percussion, bass, and voices. Brothers Justin and Marc Duerr, on percussion/vocals and drums, respectively, joined longtime friend Kevin with the idea of forming a band. The unusual instrumentation was a result of the three deciding to work with what and whom they were most comfortable with rather than bringing in other musicians. Northern Liberties are known for an explosive high energy live show, that at times borders on performance art. With hundreds of shows, two full length CD's and two 7 inches under their belt, this is band that you have to see to believe.


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Northern Liberties

Everything we've ever experienced or imagined, including, but not limited to.... Nirvana, Lungfish, Bad News Bats, Extraordinary Pigeons, Northern Liberties, Browningham, Green Day, Joy Division, Black Sabbath, Cyndi Lauper, Roky Erickson, Metal Urbain, Joe Meek, Clara Rockmore, Royal Family And The Poor, The Apostles, Current 93, Black Flag, The Freeze, The Ronettes, Poison Girls, Zounds, Nervous Gender, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Carter Family, AC/DC. Early Country, Folk & Blues Musics, Neurosis, Tribes Of Neurot, US Maple, Beware The Blunted Needle, Fugazi, Misfits/ Samhain/ Danzig, Retconned, The Cure, Black Market Baby, Bangles, Sex Pistols, Sex Gang Children, Miranda Sex Garden, Thousand Year Egg, Ruin, Ruins, Minutemen, Suicide, Birthday Party, Motorhead, Bad Tuna Experience, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Bjork/ KUKL, Rudimentary Peni, The Magits, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Van Halen, Emperor, Bikini Kill, Organic, Lightning Bolt, Technician, Hint Hint, Algebra Of Need, Go-Gos, Melvins, Social Distortion, Zero Boys, Stinking Lizaveta, Atari Teenage Riot, Mecca Normal, Der Blutharsch, Pantera, Over Hang Party, The Redcoats Are Coming, Suicidal Tendencies, Kandy Whales, Three Day Stubble, Le Tigre, Five Go Down To The Sea, Minor Threat, Honey Bane, Da!, Led Zeppelin, Rites Of Spring, Letters In Binary, Cranberries, Swans, Dio, Lake Of Dracula, Portishead, Serpents Of Wisdom, Demiourgos, Stooges, TSOL, The Stickmen, Bugs And Rats, Rachels, Three, Boltthrower, The Capricorns, The Stains, Panik, Boy George, Xiu Xiu, Dead Kennedys, Slayer, Interpol, Crash Worship, The Chameleons, The Abreacts, Alien Kamikaze Hellfighters, The Stranglers, Slant 6, Tickley Feather, Dag Nasty, Dresden Dolls, The Adicts, Diamanda Galas, Jimi Hendrix, MC5, Various Jazz Musics (Our Drummer Is Into Jazz), Butthole Surfers,The Mob, Simon & Garfunkel, Wesley Willis, Vampire Cat, Dandi Wind, GG Allin, Red Devil, The Vibration, Death In June, The Velvet Underground, Violent Femmes, Cop Shoot Cop, Janes Addiction/ Psi-Com, Neutral Milk Hotel, Helium, McRad, Bob Dylan, Fear, Kiss, Avengers, An Albatross, Sonic Youth, Flag Of Democracy, X Ray Spex, Various 60s Garage Bands (From Compilations) Devo, Girls At Our Best, Miss Kitten, Crass, Shellac, Shocking Blue, DNA, Team Dresch, Agent Orange, Heavens To Betsy, John Denvers Airplane, Bad Brains, Pixies, Dog Dix, Bratmobile, Flossie & The Unicorns, Quintron, Twisted Sister, Womyn Of Destruction, Boyd Rice, Christian Death, Essential Logic, R.E.M., New Model Army, Smashing Pumpkins, Ray Charles, Scissor Girls, Klaus Nomi, The Slits, Bauhaus, Cat Chaser Conspiracy...... and much much much more......


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