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"Smile, Broadcast Tattoos", Bebek's latest CD, deals with the emotion of life's challenging moments and coming to terms with the marks they leave. Bebek’s music has been described as “a sexy, psychedelic sound that meshes the music of Morcheeba, Stereolab and Radiohead” (Skratch Magazine). Bebek’s new album retains these characteristics while expanding the band’s sonic elements. The dream pop of their 2006 EP Open Eyes is the launching point for the unique vision that characterizes “Smile, Broadcast Tattoos”. Last year, Bebek solidified their status as a national act through touring that took them as far west as Albuquerque, south to Austin, north to Minnesota and up and down the east coast. In addition, Open Eyes received excellent reviews from several national and international press outlets and comprehensive radio play. To date, Bebek's music has been broadcast on 366 stations across North America and Europe. Building off the successes of 2006, "Smile, Broadcast Tattoos" still retains many of Bebek's sonic trademarks: dense keyboard textures, angular yet melodic guitar parts, and an unrelenting rhythm section. However, "Smile, Broadcast Tattoos" features a more direct songwriting style that supports Lynn's vocals with energy and intensity. The opening track 'Marching Dolls' immediately sets this tone, with a guitar riff and vocal intro that continue to gain momentum until they reaches the song's anthemic chorus. The human quality of "Smile, Broadcast Tattoos" brings Bebek full circle to its inception when Nick meets Lynn in a bar and starts a conversation which turns to music. They eventually get married and move to Philadelphia, where they start a band. Soon after the band starts, Nick's mother dies. This event helps name the band. Bebek ('baby' in Turkish) is the name of the neighborhood where Nick's mother, who introduced him to music, came from in Istanbul. It also serves as a point of departure for much of the material Bebek starts to perform. The lyrics portray deeply personal situations about attachment and loss with a poetic humanity. Lynn's soaring vocals fit in a Philadelphia scene partially dominated by neo-soul, while the edgy, gurgling electronica of Nick's music set the band apart from the rest of the Philly indie scene. Bebek makes a name for itself by crossing over to both of these audiences, while maintaining their unique sound. This leads the Philadelphia Weekly to recognize in the band's infancy that "Philadelphia's budding Bebek possesses a sneaky infectiousness that hints at a bright future." Bebek releases its first full-length record, Bebek, at a sold out show at the popular Philadelphia club – The Fire. The sell-out adds to the band's momentum and soon they become one of Philly's largest draws, playing big venues like the TLA. Along with these larger venues come headlining gigs at the North Star and World Café Live. Local, national, and European press all agree that the band's self-produced, eponymous debut demonstrates a musical breadth and distinct compositional creativity. Positive press and excellent record play propel Bebek steadily higher on the national radar, which all create the momentum to last year's release of Open Eyes that saw the band introduced to a larger national audience. In addition to its hometown of Philadelphia, the band is now firmly established in New York, Chicago, D.C, Pittsburgh, Winston-Salem & Greensboro, NC and Lexington, KY. It has growing audiences in Minneapolis, Columbus, Cincinnati, Ann Arbor, Boston, Nashville, and Louisville, KY. Bebek has performed at 2006's SXSW, NEMO (Boston), Summerfest (Milwaukee), Hyperactive Music Festival ( Albuquerque), Midpoint Music Festival (Cincinnati) and The Lebowski Fest in New York in October '05 - an event that is covered in Rolling Stone, Playboy, Spin and Giant. Bebek is currently licensed for MTV shows Made and My Super Sweet Sixteen as well as PBS' Roadtrip Nation.


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Stereolab, Bjork, Radiohead, Morcheeba, Wu-Tang Clan, Fugazi, Massive Attack, Middle-Eastern & Ethiopian music, Pink Floyd


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