Punk-Poet Jello Biafra Talks Stealing Elections, Batman and Pussy Riot

By Bryan Bierman
Add Comment Add Comment | Comments: 1 | Posted Sep. 5, 2012

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All that’s on the news right now is Paul Ryan. He’s everywhere.

Isn’t it interesting that it ain’t just Fox News that’s fawning over that asshole? It’s all the networks, even MSNBC.

Well, he fishes with his bare hands—I’ve heard that on the news.

Maybe it’s all the Catholic damage where when his dick gets all horny, he reaches and misses, and ends up catching a cold fish instead. Back to the “Santoru-ban” again: I mean, if you catch a cold fish with your hands, at least you’re not stimulating yourself with any sinful pleasures or thinking about contraceptives. 

People in other countries just bury their heads in their hands at us over these things. They’re angry as hell that we aren’t leading a way to combat—let’s not call it climate change—it’s climate collapse, at this point. They’re livid about that. Scared, because of the "Barackstar." His biggest failure is not bringing the war criminals from the Bush regime to trial, thus allowing them to do even more damage the next time they take higher positions of power. I’m not half as afraid of [Dick] Cheney, or [Donald] Rumsfeld or Clown Prince W. as I am of the people who worked for them. John Yoo should be in prison; Gen. Geoffrey Miller should be in prison; Douglas Feith and Paul Wolfowitz should be in prison. Instead, John Bolton is one of the people being touted for Romney’s secretary of state, and that dude should be in prison. For that matter, thanks to the drug running that went on in Contragate that he knew all along, Robert Gates should be in prison. And people in other countries are really concerned about this. They don’t want nonstop, perpetual war—people being kidnapped out of their own countries, so the CIA can torture them in some other country, when they may not have done a damn thing to help any bonafide terrorists.

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1. Joseph said... on Sep 7, 2012 at 01:52PM

“The man speaks truth about the Green Party and the electoral system in general.”


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