Fill in the Blanks: Thanksgiving Edition

By Elliott Sharp
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Ever wonder what Asher “I love college” Roth’s favorite Thanksgiving dish is? Or what music plays as Pissed Jeans’ Matthew Kosloff cleans his plate? Yes? Good, because PW asked several local musicians to “Fill In the Blanks” Thanksgiving-style. Here’s what they said:

While eating Thanksgiving dinner I’ll be listening to ...

“An Eagles game, Kate Bush or any mid-period GG Allin.” –John Sharkey, ex-Clockcleaner/Puerto Rico Flowers

“The Merzturkey: A self-playing Merzbow music box stuffed deep inside a 25 pound Jaindl bird.” –Matthew Kosloff, Pissed Jeans

“Black Flag’s My War.” –Yanni Papadopoulos, Stinking Lizaveta

“Wild Turkey’s Turkey or Plastic Ono Band’s ‘Cold Turkey.’” –Russ Waterhouse, Blues Control

“Mum’s Finally We are No One.” –Chris Ward, Pattern is Movement

“Harry Nilsson’s Pussy Cats.” –Honus Honus, Man Man

My favorite Thanksgiving dish is ...

“Tofurkey! No, I’m kidding. I’m an adult.” –John Sharkey

“I’m a sucker for the stuffing.” –Asher Roth

“We were vegetarian/vegan for 10-plus years, but have fully succumbed to the awesome powers of turkey. Gotta get that protein!” –Reading Rainbow

“Turducken.” - Yanni Papadopoulos

“Not a huge fan of Thanksgiving food, but I love that marshmallows are included on that one day.” –Chris Ward

“This warm cheese dip that my sister-in-law makes, deviled eggs and pineapple stuffing.” –Birdie Busch

“Turkey cranberry balls.” –Honus Honus

One time while touring during Thanksgiving ...

“Touring on Thanksgiving? Have you no soul? We only tour from the couch to the dinner table, thank you.” –Matthew Kosloff

“We got a full dinner at The Hole In The Wall in Austin, Texas, served by a guy named Bircho.” —Yanni Papadopoulos

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