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SHOCK! Therapy

Fri., Dec. 3, 10pm. $10-$12. Tribecca Nightclub, Richmond and Cumberland sts. 215.423.7990. www.tribeccanightclub.com

Sure, Amazonian go-go dancers titillate, and each SHOCK! Therapy patron's costume is more stiff-backed than the last. But what truly makes SHOCK! Therapy this town's flavor of the year is the music. Resident DJ Dr. Octo-Pussy culls a smash-and-grab assembly of torrid beats from his deeply heathenish record collection. Of course, his pump-fisting music is meant to be complemented by the pleather-clad vamps in attendance. This month Beta Recordings founder John B is thrown in the mix to up the fetish ante. Known mostly for his synth-fed vibe, John B feeds listeners a healthy dose of all styles (including D&B, New Wave and electro, among others) without sacrificing the tension on the floor. Ever wonder why the world's most artificial-sounding instrument can sound so sexual? Let John B be your synthesizer instructor at tonight's military-fetish theme gathering. After all, if it doesn't work out with the DJ, there's always the dungeon equipment. (Suzann Vogel)


No Tight Pants

Thurs., Dec. 2, 9pm. Free. Khyber, 56 S. Second St. 215.238.5888. www.thekhyber.com

In Philly, bike dudes are everywhere. You know the ones: They're on road and mountain bikes, and occasionally on trendy stripped-down fixed-gear track bikes, recklessly careening through busy streets or hanging out at the northeastern entrance to Rittenhouse Square. After hours (not that I'm stalking these boys or anything) they can also be found in droves--along with their recreational sports equal, skater boys--at the Khyber's monthly No Tight Pants party. Why Tight Pants? Because DJs Mr. Ill and Prom King play just the right mix of classic old-school hip-hop and R&B--everything from Young MC and De La to more recent party-pleasing jams. From Beyonc� to Black Sheep, the No Tight Pants crew doesn't take itself too seriously. And deep down, that's what you really want from a hip-hop night anyway. (Julie Gerstein)


Muzak v.6

Wed., Dec. 8, 10pm. $5. Fluid, 613 S. Fourth St. 215.629.0565. www.fluidnightclub.com

Thanks to a proliferation of Philly clubs and record stores, the role of the DJ has mutated from a relatively stable musical position to that of a house party honcho. Even when the mixing is above par, track selection can suffer because of DJ vanity at the local dive. Not so with Shawn Rudiman. Okay, so he's a bit west of the city's limits (Pittsburgh, that is). But when this live-PA-toting producer slides into town, balance seems instantly restored. Records just won't do for this minimal techno operator, so Rudiman sets up with an entanglement of gadgetry that leaves the average Photoshop whiz mystified. He pumps out sets as smooth as any vinyl-toting DJ, and with tastes that run on the icier side of techno (think modern soundtrack instead of head-splitting), the thump is kept to a sophisticated low-level heartbeat. Best of all, since the music is literally being made before your eyes, this producer is kind enough to adjust the selection to match audience attention spans. Keep your eyes on this one, young DJs--the future is now. (S.V.)

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