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The Shakedown
Sat., Nov. 13, 10pm. $8. With RaSoul, Rob Paine, Willyum + Zacharijah. Silk City, Fifth and Spring Garden sts. 215.592.8838.

It took DJ RaSoul pretty much his whole life to hop coasts and infuse our little town with his bass-heavy sultry house vibes. Must be because his debonair background means this DJ has more on the table than the usual four-on-the-floor wares. Born in West Africa, RaSoul became a San Fran resident in the hippie haven's early-'70s heyday. It wasn't until a college stint in Atlanta that the deep house pioneer became acquainted with the Bay Area's now trademark sound. The Westside kids clamor over each another to get a piece of RaSoul's treading remix of "Oh Sheila" (titled "Oh Baby"), and one listen gives any overly zealous response meaning. Deftly handled bounce keeps the ladies wiggling as the stripped-down vocals are minimal enough not to scare the guys away. The trademark balance between dance-happy and intelligent is a RaSoul hallmark. Add that to his limited appearances, and you've got yourself reason enough to get on over to this special edition of the Shakedown. (Suzann Vogel)

Sat., Nov. 13, 9pm. Free. Khyber, 56 S. Second St. 215.238.5888.

Some might argue that upstairs at the Khyber is a fashion show every Saturday night, but revelers at this birthday party for Philly-based fashion-focused will be way cuter than your average Khyber crowd. Aimed at "fashion-forward gals on a budget," the pretty-in-pink website exhaustively scours other sites for nifty "fashion finds" and specialty products like vegan body lotion. There are also links galore, drink recipes and even record reviews. Come celebrate with these tasteful ladies and you could find yourself going home with prizes from Vagabond, Emmaluv, Lost and Found, Sublime Stitching, Lo Lo & Gretch, Nunzi and Ezi, Sugarcube, Little by Jenny, Sharks With Wings and Outlaw Printing. And with drink specials at the already-cheap bar, you'll save some dough to spend elsewhere. The soundtrack to it all comes courtesy of DJs Brian Sokel and Mike the Hutt. Sokel, half of the dreamy duo AM/FM, promises everything from hip-hop and '80s to reggae and soul, while his partner tends toward the more avant-garde. He says, "Basically the whole thing's just for dancing." (Doug Wallen)

Thurs. Nov. 11, 10pm. $5. With Ultraviolet, Sesi, 99 + Jneiro Jarel. Fluid, 613 S. Fourth St. 215.629.0565.

If DJ Ultraviolet's massively popular Ladies Love Hip-Hop monthly at La Tazza serves as any indication, the hands of Signal's three female

DJs (and one newcomer gentleman) aim to do nothing less than shake urban beat culture out of its complacency. Free of thrown-on mashups and commercialized cream cheese, Fluid's spunky new monthly dispenses what your iPod strives to deliver. Offering funk-fused soul, hip-hop, broken beat, house and whatever the rhythmic bag may hold, Signal's treasures come without ever dropping a weekly paycheck on records or copping a crappy insider attitude. Even better is that with these seasoned ladies at the helm, Philadelphia's female population may actually find some dance-floor parity. (Boys, are you listening? That means more than two girls to gawk at.) Bundled in one neat little Square Biz-backed package, the best thing about Signal is yet to come. Remember, a party like this can only help get you to the weekend a whole lot faster. (S.V.)

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