Defend Its Existence: MC Chris

By Chris Parker
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Truth be told, MC Chris is a surly little fucker. And it’s difficult to restrain the eyeroll when he decries the nerdcore label. You’re rapping about Star Wars, Robotussin and DQ Blizzards, fercrissakes, not bling, gats and ’caine. Yet insufferable pricks often make great art, and whatever his faults, he’s a talented rapper. His flow is quick and fluid with so many twists and inversions Six Flags should patent it. His subject/rhyme matter is more creative than his geeky peers and as quick-witted as early Dennis Miller, though the transposition of gangsta tropes and evocation of shy, emotional types are Chapter 1 in the suburban white rapper playbook. Most notably, he’s cleverly amusing in a way rap’s missed since Slick Rick, Ice Cube and the Beasties’ heyday. That alone warrants a daypass out of genre hell.

Sun., Nov. 21, 8pm.
With MC Lars, YTCracker + Shaffer the Darklord.
The Note,
142 E. Market St.,
West Chester.

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