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Four oddball picks for summer's sweltering days.

By Emily Brochin
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The none-more-black thread is now available for mass perusal at

You'd think Hill made a deal with the devil to come up with stuff this funny. He just got lucky, really, by finding a hapless, syntax-challenged Norwegian with just as much free time. "As long as you are doing Satanic and occult things, believe in what you are doing, you can do what ever [sic] you want," goes Mathias' motto on black metal.

Lance continually pesters Mathias to release the Taint's record on his Planet Satan Revolution imprint, despite the fact the label honcho (a married, shorthaired 30-year-old father of two, we learn) is unimpressed by "Necrodreamraper," and that promised follow-up songs-so extreme they'll "decimate the weak and make people set their pets into the wild"-never materialize.

At least Lance has a concept for the "Necrodreamraper" video.

"There is a closeup [sic] of a human eyeball on the screen and then a closeup [sic] of a goat. Then the screen goes black and the music starts. Then the viewer is left to wonder what happened. They cannot handle it." (Patrick Berkery)

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