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By Patrick Berkery
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"Before it was really childish. It was physical. I mean, we'd just punch the shit out of each other." (Neil Ferguson)

from the vaults


The cover photo of this album says it all: two pretty boys sandwiched by a buck-toothed, shirtless tough in silver trousers sporting ancient Rome's version of the mullet, and a chap named Noddy who looks like Eric Idle's uncle but is really the gravel-guzzling singer boasting of his "rock hard reputation" on the gloriously obnoxious "How D'You Ride." What else could this band be but serious lock-up-the-missus cock-rockers? Were it not for Quiet Riot covering a couple of their obscurities in the early '80s, Slade would rank even lower Stateside than cult-fave pioneers of goodtime glam. Like the Move before them, they married a love for Chuck Berry's rhythm-guitar chug with British music-hall camp. But the Move was a pop band. Slade was, unequivocally, a loud, boisterous rock band with poor grammar and the tact of a pissed football hooligan. 1972's Slayed? is the place to get schooled on the band's boozy boogie like "Look at Last Nite" and shoulda-been-massive pop stuff like "Gudbuy T'Jane." This is a band to whom everyone-from the Runaways to AC/DC to Jet to Sloan to the Bay City Rollers-owes a serious debt of gratitude. (P.B.)

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