XPoNential Notation: 2-Question Interviews With This Year's Performers

By Jeffrey Barg
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Carbon Leaf

What’s the best thing that's ever happened to you in Philly?

We picked up our bassist, Jon Markel, who is from Philly! His mother bakes us cookies.

Won't a lot of carbon leaves have a 
deleterious effect on the ozone layer?

After having to look up the word "deleterious," I would have to say emphatically no. 


Best thing that's happened to you in Philly?

We got to open up for Dirty Projectors at the Trocadero. We also indulged in a lot of Durian together. Special moment.

Is it really better to give than to receive? Why? And what about on your birthday?

I’d say giving is receiving. Life is cyclic, therefore give and you shall receive is applicable as long as your intentions are pure. 

Kuf Knotz

Best thing that's happened to you in Philly?

Opening for Bruce Springsteen on the 
Parkway for a Barack Obama rally! 

Is it intimidating being the only hip-hop artist at an otherwise not-that-hip-hop festival? 

I love being able to give people a new look and new understanding of what hip-hop is. If I can show someone this music is a beautiful art form and gain hip-hop a new fan, I'm happy. 

Nicos Gun

Best thing that's happened to you in Philly?

We won $2,000 at Sugarhouse last week!

Are you apprehensive about bringing another "Gun" to Camden? You know they laid off, like, their entire police force?

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