Week's Worst: Uncle Kracker

By Chris Parker
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If you’ve any doubt that musical success is predicated more on who you know than demonstrable talent, you’ve not listened to Kid Rock protégé Uncle Kracker. You’ll hear better voices at a truckstop karaoke bar, which is probably where he got the idea to cover Dobie Gray’s classic “Drift Away.” Living in Detroit doesn’t qualify you for Motown, and his attempts at R&B are so wretched that William Hung’s embarrassed for him. No Stranger to Shame for good reason. Kenny Chesney pimped his sorry ass on “When the Sun Goes Down,” throwing him a life preserver even as his career took on water like Bounty paper towels. His recent Train-biting piano-rock come-on “Smile” strings together more clichés than your typical meathead athlete. Of course records spin, bees buzz, gold shines, dancing fools dance, and like a vacuum, Uncle Kracker naturally sucks.

Tonight, 8pm. $15-$17. With Rehab. Crocodile Rock Cafe. 520 W. Hamilton St., Allentown. 610.434.4600. crocodilerockcafe.com

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1. Anonymous said... on Sep 7, 2010 at 10:28PM

“This guy is a tool!!! He is the most pathetic waste of talent I've ever heard other than Kid Rock. The only people that think this fool is talented at all are rednecks or redneck wannabes, cause he really can't sing worth anything. Sad isn't it?”

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2. Anonymous said... on Oct 11, 2010 at 06:01PM

“I think that your musical taste, is like that of a retard. Kracker is one of the best songwriters out right now. End of disscussion.”

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3. Anonymous said... on Mar 10, 2011 at 01:35PM

“End of discussion? What a child you are. Uncle Kracker blows, but I at least respect your right to like shitty music.

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4. Anonymous said... on Apr 4, 2013 at 09:39PM

“Haha, wow dude. Your wife must wanna bang him or something. He is literally one of the best songwriters in the biz. How many hit singles have you wrote?”

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5. Anonymous said... on Jan 30, 2014 at 02:44PM

“...have you "wrote"?! This is proof that people who like bad music are always st. Ooo. Pid.”


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