On the Record: Tyler the Creator, The Antlers, Gang Gang Dance and More

By Bill Chenevert
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Tyler, The Creator


(XL Recordings)

Sounds Like: The 20-year-old’s therapist/patient gag is the perfect way to diffuse the insanity of an hour full of gay slurs, hyper-violent fantasies and dope, dope beats.

Free Association: A skate rapper who’s either brilliant, an asshole or a lil’ of both.

For Fans Of: Odd Future, Nas + Nine Inch Nails, 
homicidal mania, black Juggalos.


The Antlers

Burst Apart


Sounds Like: A lo-fi freak folk project that’s evolved into a full-blown chamber pop outfit. On their third here, they get sleeker, shiny and catchier than ever.

Free Association: Hospice was 
brilliant, but miserable. This is sadness you can rock to.

For Fans Of: Radiohead, Deerhunter x Boards of Canada, records for rehab.


The Felice Brothers

Celebration, Florida

(Fat Possum)

Sounds Like: Catskill boys take their roots-rockin’ approach to Americana in a slightly funkier, modern direction, introducing some clubby polish to their fourth LP.

Free Association: Not seeing the link to the Disney-backed community—sweet relief.

For Fans Of: The Band, Avett Brothers + Geto Boys, 
bands finding synths and 808s.


Wild Beasts



Sounds Like: The Brit boys’ follow-up to the fantastic Two Dancers is a bit 
more quiet and low-key than it should 
be; not enough playful rhythms and tempos.

Free Association: Now I’m starting to feel smothered by your ladyboy falsetto, man.

For Fans Of: Kate Bush + Yo La Tengo, 
Queen + Tiny Tim, emotional Brits.


Gang Gang Dance

Eye Contact


Sounds Like: Brooklyn-bred kitchen sink groove-charmers, they’ve gone pop here and have brought in more elements of the Middle East and dubstep on their best yet.

Free Association: Trendy tribal dance music may expire, but not for a while after this.

For Fans Of: Animal Collective with gypsies, 
Yoko Ono + Yeasayer, desert dances.


Raphael Saadiq

Stone Rollin’


Sounds Like: Today’s No. 1 soul man has really done it now. Thought his Grammy-winning last was good? This batch of bluesy, rock-inflected soulful gems is wicked!

Free Association: Pop music’s 
unsung hero—HELLO! Toni x 3, Lucy Pearl, now this?

For Fans Of: Mark Ronson + Amy Wino, 
Jill Scott x Otis Redding, real deal R&B.

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