By Chris Parker
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If Bono left U2 after Joshua Tree for a solo career, he could’ve ended up like Sting: a hopelessly compromised, self-indulgent shell of an artist who needs binoculars to spot his last worthwhile contribution to the musical canon. Like his similarly self-serious, mono-monikered mate, Sting cocooned himself in his sense of self-importance while steadily sliding into a jazzy adult-contemporary morass appropriate for graying, ponytailed boomers and tastes lightweight enough to require a paperweight. His excursion into worldbeat is more Club Med than Graceland, and his last hit was courtesy a car commercial, though at least that album (Brand New Day) possessed some musical lightness. Everything else—particularly 2001’s follow-up Sacred Love —groans under the weight of fussy, overwrought production and Sting’s somber pretense.

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1. Anonymous said... on Apr 1, 2010 at 02:47PM

“fareal dude? and what contributions have u made to music's canvas..better yet to common sense? i don't care if you've been a music historian, journalist or whatever you are for 20 yrs! cause this is some foolishness if I ever heard it. and yeah yeah ur entitled to ur opinion and all that but this "talking out ur neck" doesn't even qualify. Sting's "shell" as you call it, would far outshine your darkest shadows. get a brain!”


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