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A little bit about Scout Niblett.

By PW Staff
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Scout Niblett

Nottingham, England, native Scout Niblett occupies a deceptively sing-songy gothic world of haunted children and the geography of both pain and ecstasy. With a voice that ranges from ethereal reediness to muscular fury, she’s the bastard daughter of PJ Harvey, Kim Gordon and Courtney Love. Here, Niblett reveals some of her favorites, so that we might better understand what inspires her.

Favorite song: “Duke of Anxiety,” Swearing at Motorists. Sport: Skee ball. Judy Blume book: Deenie . Part of a full English breakfast: Eggs, scrambled. BBC channel: 2. American city: Chicago. Movie: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf . Wu Tang Clan solo album: Erm, yeh. Henry Rollins tattoo: The spider. Comic book: Superman . American virtue: “Hangin’ out.” Cut of pork: Cheeks. Fabric: Cotton. Bad smell: Ear wax. Decade: 90s. Beer: Corona. Vice: Cigarettes. Magazine: Mountain Astrologer . Character on Fawlty Towers : Sybil.

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