Playing Favorites With Pissed Jeans

They're one of our favorite bands.

By PW Staff
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Pissed Jeans

Pissed Jeans is one of our favorite bands. As such, we asked Jeans’ drummer Sean McGuinness to sit down for a little game of “Playing Favorites,” wherein … oh, you can figure it out.

Favorite member of the Wu Tang Clan: Brendan Suppression.

Shampoo: My soapy bar.

Sport: Baseball. (Duh.)

Beverage: Beer.

Sexual Position: Johnny lump-lump.

Hour of day: 4:22.

Brand of toothpaste: White, non-gel minty with gum protector.

Musical act of the ‘70s: Sabbath.

Musical act of the ‘80s: Saaaaabbaaaaathhhh.

Magazine: Highlights.

Book: The Easy Way to Quit Smoking

Author: Joan Didion

Sausage: Really?

Fruit: The peach.

Vegetable: Asparagus.

Yogurt: Gives me gas.

Drum head: Meagaton Powerarse with bleeding hole air vents.

Guitar string: The G.

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