On the Guest List: Pink at Wells Fargo Center and Celeste Giuliano’s Pin-up Peepshow at UT

By PW Staff
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Celeste Giuliano’s 3rd Annual Pin-up Peepshow at Union Transfer
Sat., Dec. 7. utphilly.com
Overall vibe: Woodstock for burlesque fans and vintage culture enthusiasts. Pinstripe suits, knee-length skirts and curly, pompadour updo hairstyles adorned the robust crowd while drink specials and décor accented the WWII-era atmosphere. Dancers like Candy Mayhem and D’Arcy D’Lux provided the main attraction.
Most memorable moment: Rising neo-burlesque star Reggie Bugmuncher’s over-the-top performance and sparkling conclusion. The beefy stripteaser had a crazed look in her eyes as she grasped a buzzing handheld electric saw, which she proceeded to apply to the metal chastity belt covering her crotch. Sparks erupted from the dancer’s lower crevice, showering her face and a majority of the audience, who then shared her devious grin.
Scene stealer: Philly’s eminent Peek-A-Boo Revue troupe, who performed synchronized, provocative seductions while the Striptease Orchestra livened the crowd with sultry period tunes. For anyone who views burlesque as a cheap tease, be assured that the pageantry was unparalleled. (Drew O’Meara)

P!nk at Wells Fargo Center
Fri., Dec. 6. wellsfargocenterphilly.com
Overall vibe: Party Central with a dash of Cirque de Soleil. She started with “Raise Your Glass,” (already a classic in her catalog). And then we got “Walk of Shame,” full of awesomely sassy struts, especially during the reprise of “we’re walking … we’re walking.” “Just Like a Pill” preceded one of my favorites, “U + Ur Hand,” it’s just classic P!nk: funky and pop radio perfection aided by a rock riff and an anthemic “Don’t fuck with me” chorus, one that makes Kelly Clarkson drool.
Most memorable moment: It was stunning taking in her flexibility and grace, even singing while upside down and spinning and not missing a single note. It’s been a little weird watching her get deeper and deeper into the aerials and acrobatics, but again, who else does it—and does it while singing flawlessly?
Scene stealer: The night’s clown emcee, who delivered one of my favorite one-liners of the night. While talking about fantasies and fetishes we all have (leather, lace, underwear, socks, BDSM, etc.), he nodded to all the things that make us happy, like: “Rainbows and puppies and nipple clamps.” (Bill Chenevert)

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