On the Record: The Black Keys, Boris & More

By Bill Chenevert
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For Fans Of: Nico + Feist, Air/Yo La Tengo with Cat Power, breathy Frenchies.


Gary Numan

Dead Son Rising

(Redeye Label)

Sounds Like: The godfather of gothic synth-pop’s 16th LP is dark and a bit sinister; his sci-fi-tinged, industrially atmospheric electronic dirges aren’t very fun or exciting.

Free Association: Impressive that he’s still kickin’, but only if the music’s any good.

For Fans Of: Duran Duran x Rammstein, Yaz + Eurythmics, middle-aged goth.



The Dreamer, The Believer

(Think Common)

Sounds Like: The Chi-town “entertainer” keeps churning out spoken-word-heavy conscious hip-hop with the usual guests John Legend, Nas and Maya Angelou.

Free Association: ’Memba when he pissed off Bill O’Reilly with that poem? Thawasawesome.

For Fans Of: Talib Kweli/Mos Def/Q-Tip, bald heads and beanies, intellectual goatees.



New Album

(Sargent House)

Sounds Like: Spin breathes new life into the Japanese import’s 15th, streaming their wild mixture of punk, prog, goth, sludge metal and industrial shoegaze— it works.

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