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By Bill Chenovert
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Timber Timbre

Creep On Creepin’ On

(Arts & Crafts)

Sounds Like: Super dark and creepy indie rock from Canada is aptly titled with horror movie sounds, ominous sax, subtle piano and dirge-y vibes.

Free Association: That tinkly piano gives it a surf vibe that evens out all the darkness.

For Fans Of: Black Keys x Addams Family, The Blair Witch Project.

Dengue Fever

Cannibal Courtship

(Concord Music Group)

Sounds Like: California psychedelic surf rock blended perfectly with eastern retro pop with a powerful lil’ Cambodian leading lady and five dudes behind her who wail.

Free Association: Finally, some world music that doesn’t feel like Ray in High Fidelity.

For Fans Of: Manu Chao, Fela Kuti, an Asian Velvet Underground.

Wiz Khalifa

Rolling Papers


Sounds Like: Turns out the Pittsburgh native’s major label debut’s far greater than “Black and Yellow.” These are thoughtful stoner bangers with depth and variety.

Free Association: A brilliant mid-point between Wale and Kid Cudi, brains on weed.

For Fans Of: Bone Thugs x Mos Def, the Steelers, packing bongs.

Southeast Engine

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