On the Record: Lenny Kravitz, Hotel Lights, Game & More

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By Bill Chenevert
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Death By Stereo


Sounds Like: The Indiana-bred jammers are nothing but precise and clever, but they’re a live act; this record should only get patch pants-wearing hippies excited.

Free Association: Notre Dame grads with music degrees—are you pumped or what?!

For Fans Of: Phish x moe. + Zappa, Disco Biscuits, tripping balls, muddy festivals.

Hotel Lights

Girl Graffiti

(Bar None)

Sounds Like: Ben Folds Five’s drummer- turned-singer’s on his third now, improving by mixing in more variety and punch, but it’s still soft and inoffensive hushed indie rock.

Free Association: 10,000 of these boring shits are no Whatever And Ever Amen!

For Fans Of: Bon Iver x Silversun Pickups, snoozy Shins, sensitivity and feelings.


The R.E.D. Album


Sounds Like: Super-solid rebirth of a once-pathetic emcee whose feuding with G-Unit overshadowed his legit skills as a down-ass rapper with some powerful friends.

Free Association: Collabs with Odd Future, Drake, Snoop and Chris Brown—HITZ GALORE.

For Fans Of: Big Daddy Kane x Dre, Biggie/Pac/Jay, Compton realness, egos in check.

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