On the Record: Lenny Kravitz, Hotel Lights, Game & More

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By Bill Chenevert
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Lenny Kravitz

Black and White America


Sounds Like: The 47-year-old’s still kickin’, and this one (his ninth) is really not bad; primarily funk and throwback grooves but overall adult FM friendliness abounds.

Free Association: Kudos for playing EVERYTHING on the record, old man. Yous till got it!

For Fans Of: Isaac Hayes x Michael Buble, Funkadelic, decaf coffee, frozen yogurt.


Go Tell Fire to the Mountain

(L Y F Recordings)

Sounds Like: Four Manchester mates who peddle what they call primal power pop; a strong debut of sad and sweepingly moody atmospheric gravel-mouthed indie rock.

Free Association: WU LYF (Woo Life) = World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation—Yes!

For Fans Of: Stars x Nirvana, Tom Waits + Wolf Parade, Pitchfork boners, darkness.

Peter Wolf Crier

Garden of Arms


Sounds Like: Veterans of the Wars of 1812 and Laarks, this duo of dudes on guitar and drums creates an excellent raucous sophomore effort of folksy, glitchy dream pop.

Free Association: A quietly charming and totally listenable fall record to grow into.

For Fans Of: Dodos x Radiohead, Black Keys + Iron & Wine, cozy harmonies.

Umphrey’s McGee

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