On the Record: Feist, Dan Mangan, Mastodon & More

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By Bill Chenevert
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Sounds Like: The reigning queen skirts pop appeal on her third, with no discernible singles; noisy, complex and intelligent indie lady rock that leaves you thinking.

Free Association: Fans of “1234” are going to be bummed. This ain’t no Apple commercial.

For Fans Of: Joni Mitchell x Edith Piaf, Keren Ann, Carla Bruni/Jenny Lewis, Canada.

Dan Mangan

Oh Fortune

(Arts & Crafts)

Sounds Like: The Vancouver folk singer’s second is much more full but still as stark and beautiful, brilliantly employing horns and strings to support his honeyed baritone.

Free Association: An unsung hero, they just don’t make ’em like this here in ’Merica.

For Fans Of: Bon Iver/Nick Drake, Elliot Smith x the National, trumpets/trombones. 


The Hunter


Sounds Like: Atlanta metalheads’ fifth abandons thematic ish and goes for mathy, progged-out shredding, noodling, head-banging and variety on this thrilling record.

Free Association: A band that makes you love a genre that’s difficult to love—exciting!

For Fans Of: Sabbath x Rush, Isis + Baroness + Lamb Of God, Slayer, stoner metal. 

Jason Derulo

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