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By Bill Chenevert
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Sounds Like: Brooklyn super-hipsters don’t make an Oracular Spectacular V. 2, but instead a subtly trendy, psycho beach rock indie masterpiece.

Free Association: Like a totally different band, which is good; “Kids” was getting really old.

For Fans Of: Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound, B-52’s, Empire of the Sun.



The Fall

Your Future Our Clutter


Sounds Like: Mark E. Smith’s 28th (!) studio release is as punchy and funky as ever, the premier post punk does it without care for your cheeky trends.

Free Association: Clean up that mess, we’ve got dancin’ to do!

For Fans Of: Consistency.



Roky Erickson with Okkervil River

True Love Cast Out All Evil


Sounds Like: The legendary grizzled crooner teams up with fellow Texans for a full, ambient and complex folk record with Roky’s rusty old pipes out front.

Free Association: On “John Lawman,” it sounds like he’s gonna have a heart attack.

For Fans Of: The Band, Dylan, Howlin’ Wolf, Syd Barrett.




The Place Between: The Best of Doves


Sounds Like: A lovely collection of the Brit rockers’ blissed-out pop-rock spanning four LPs of emotional, climactic radio-friendliness.

Free Association: It’s like the Coldplay we used to love.

For Fans Of: Radiohead, The Verve, Badly Drawn Boy.



Jimi Hendrix

Valleys of Neptune


Sounds Like: A treasure of posthumous psychedelic guitar rock from the King of the ‘60s with the titular track melting faces and blowing minds.

Free Association: Jimi, why’d you have to go? Would’ve been rad to watch you age.

For Fans Of: Electric Ladyland, Noel Redding & Mitch Mitchell, bellbottoms.



Unnatural Helpers

Cracked Love & Other Drugs

(Hardly Art)

Sounds Like: Seattle rockers’ brilliant collection of 15 songs in under 30 minutes; explosive, caustic, and energetic punk sans screaming.

Free Association: Oh yeah, the NW used to rock really hard—please come east now.

For Fans Of: King Khan, early Who, Kinks and Clash.



The White Stripes

Under Great White Northern Lights

(Warner Bros)

Sounds Like: From their 2007 Canadian tour supporting Icky Thump, the Stripes finally capture their outrageous energy and brilliant stage presence on disc.

Free Association: To see these shows would be like exploding every five minutes.

For Fans Of: Bands that actually put on a live show, badassery.



She & Him

Volume Two


Sounds Like: M. Ward caved and let a half-talented movie princess put his dick in a jar next to stacks upon stacks of her stroll-in-the-park songs.

Free Association: Her talk-singing is either wildly irritating or delightful—choose sides now.

For Fans Of: (500) Days of Summer, Jenny Lewis, LA.

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Album reviews in 30 seconds or less.