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By Bill Chenevert
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Sounds Like: Dreamy, electronic, beat-heavy sweetness from the Manitoba man—suited equally for dancefloors, driving with windows open and retail shopping.

Free Association: “Odessa” is going to be the effing jam of the summer!

For Fans Of: Hot Chip, Koushik, Four Tet, Daft Punk.




(Mad Decent)

Sounds Like: Leeds-bred dubstep producer’s debut is an upbeat, Euro-flavored guest-littered collection of beats, synths, dance-floor anthems and lounge jams.

Free Association: Not sure any of these live up to “Cockney Thug.”

For Fans Of: Caspa, Chromeo meets the Bug.


Jamie Lidell



Sounds Like: The beatbox and producer extraordinaire drops a sick collection of funky, filthy neo-soul songs full of exciting, catchy, headbobbing moments.

Free Association: Oh, snap! Beck and Feist show up, but can’t steal the show.

For Fans Of: Super Collider, Prince and Aphex Twin, UK white soul.


The Black Keys



Sounds Like: They keep it fresh each time, taking their brand of bluesy two-piece garage rock to different places. This one’s a bit more upbeat and radio-friendly.

Free Association: Your daily recommended allowance of tambourines, whistles and handclaps; rejoice.

For Fans Of: Silver Jews, White Stripes, Rapture.


Pernice Brothers

Goodbye, Killer

(Ashmont Records)

Sounds Like: Mature, folk-minded man rock with Joe Pernice’s gentle voice out front.

Free Association: Hear it wafting from your local County Fair, along with the smell of cow poop.

For Fans Of: Guster, Wallflowers, Counting Crows, sensitivity.


The Futureheads

The Chaos

(Dovecote/Nul Records)

Sounds Like: Energetic, feisty power rock (bordering on punk) from a band of Brit friends who listened to a lot of Buzzcocks when they were kids.

Free Association: There are no breaks here. Fast-paced, fist-pump rock start to finish.

For Fans Of: The Jam, Wire, the Clash, harder Franz Ferdinand.


The Fractals

Heavy Rotation

(Kevinski Music/BMI)

Sounds Like: Huffamoose alums’ debut LP is a sprawling, moody masterpiece of modern rock that’s not emo or whiny, nor trendy or retro; it’s just right.

Free Association: Ready for their close-up at WXPN—lovely, soft adult rock.

For Fans Of: Steely Dan, Robin Thicke sings for the Verve.


Theotis Joe

After Hours

(Rokbox Productions)

Sounds Like: Philly’s own Theotis Joe is a stylish, smart and beat-savvy emcee with a caramel voice and smooth delivery on his soulful R&B-flavored LP.

Free Association: The collabs with Latebloom are solid and funktastic.

For Fans Of: The Roots meet Air, Raphael Saadiq feels up Robyn.

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1. sweet N sassy said... on May 26, 2010 at 11:40AM

“Theotis Joe's "weekend thing rocks. I absolutely love it. I would have his baby.”

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2. Nikkie Victorious said... on May 26, 2010 at 11:51PM

“Theotis Joe's After Hours is hip hop at it's finest! An AWESOME listen from the first song to that last; deep soul, hidden track!! I love it! YOU HAVE TO GO BUY THIS CD!!! If you love great music, I guarantee you'll listen to After Hours at least 2 times through every single time ;-D”

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3. Chala Chala said... on May 28, 2010 at 04:55PM

“just bought it...wow. Fresh. New. Fusion. I Dig it.


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4. Tha Best In Texas said... on May 29, 2010 at 01:52PM

“Theotis Joe's After Hours is hot. I can't take it off repeat. My whole family wants a dub.... Go out and get a copy, you won't be disappointed. It's a Breath Of Fresh Air.”

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5. Dorjo said... on May 30, 2010 at 08:50AM

“Theotis Joe has a nice fresh and clean feel to his album. It's so amazing that even my baby loves it, especially track 11 "Superstar". Make sure you get a copy and tell all your friends and family about it.”

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6. Jason said... on May 30, 2010 at 09:00AM

“The Black keys is groovy, but I really like That Theotis Joe. Speed Of Light is my favorite. The chorus vocals reminds me of Jamiroquai. It has a very smooth blues type feel. I can see myself taking a long scenic drive to that cut. I'm definitely going to buy the full album. Five Stars!”


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