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By Bill Chenevert
Add Comment Add Comment | Comments: 2 | Posted Mar. 30, 2010

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 Head First


Sounds Like: Whoa! Allison is 43 and looks/sounds like she’s 25, but there’s no doubt she lived through the ‘80s on this one.

Free Association: Airy, cheesy synths galore! This is like Scissor Sisters playing her prom.

For Fans Of: Flashdance, Annie, Shirley Bassey.




 Kate Miller-Heidke


(Sony/One Louder)

Sounds Like: The Aussie version of a few pop princesses but with more talent, per usual; a classically trained operatic diva makes sugary pop.

Free Association: Just like Kylie, millions already love her but America hasn’t caught on yet.

For Fans Of: Kate Bush x Katy Perry, P!nk.




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1. Anonymous said... on Mar 30, 2010 at 08:58PM

“Sugary Pop?!!!
Did you listen to "No Truck" , "Super Girl" "Our Song" or her previous album"Little Eve"?”

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2. Anonymous said... on Mar 31, 2010 at 02:33AM

“pop princesses, sugary pop... Wha...? Kate? In the rush to pigeonhole her she inevitably gets lumped in with all of that.”


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