Diane Birch at the Troc

By Brian McManus
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Photo by Melodie McDaniel

There’s a moment in Diane Birch’s performance on her webisode of Live from Daryl’s House—a popular web series wherein up-and-comers travel to Daryl Hall’s home in upstate New York to play music, eat and shoot the shit with the Master—that’ll melt your heart. She begins her “Nothing But A Miracle” with an impressive piano intro, and Hall takes the first verse. The band comes in (including the now departed “T-Bone” Wolk, RIP). They run through the chorus, and Birch lays into the second verse with her sultry middle range. Another chorus, an instrumental break, and that’s when it happens: Beneath her Blossom hat (really, she pulls the look off—it somehow suits her soul), Birch breaks into the most electric, infectious smile. You’ll fall in love. Birch’s debut, Bible Belt, intricately weaves delta blues, Motown, Philly soul and Top 40 pop with graceful ease. You’ll fall in love with that, too.

Thurs., June 3



With Matt White


1003 Arch St.



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