Critic's Pick: Puerto Rico Flowers

By Richie Charles
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Like a certain other John’s transition from Rotten to Lydon, former Clockleaner frontman John Sharkey III’s rebirth as a mature singer came as a bit of a surprise to the handful of people who were paying attention. In front of Cleaner, he came to be known more for crowd baiting and antagonism than for anything having to do with music. With Puerto Rico Flowers, originally begun as a one-man recording project while living in Australia, Sharkey seeems to have replaced rabid contempt with utter indifference. The result? You’ve got to hear the music. And you’ll hear bubbling, mid-paced, bass-guitar driven goth-influenced music with romantic themes, sweet tuneful vocals, and synth flourishes. You won’t see any black nail polish, eyeliner, or carefully staged bad posture. Also on the bill: Iceage (a group known for being young, Danish, and for having a classic punk sound), and Leather, a Philadelphia-based act that manages to pack half a dozen Hardcore moves into a two minute blast.

Sun., June 19, 7pm. $10. With Iceage + Leather. The Barbary, 951 N. Frankford Ave. 215.634.7400.

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