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Katy Perry.

By Caralyn Green
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Katy Perry
Ur So Gay (Capitol)

A taunting exorcism targeted to a guyliner-wearing, vegan, skinny jeans-clad ex-BF, Katy Perry's "Ur So Gay" is more than just borderline offensive. "You're so gay and you don't even like boys," Perry repeats ad nauseam until the final wisecrack of "No you don't even like ... penis!"

Perry swears to Out magazine it's just kitsch, and that calling something "gay" doesn't mean it's bad. But for real, honey, irony gets you only so far. Calling your ex "gay" because he's a hypocritical narcissist isn't funny. It's like calling a dude a pussy because he cries at the end of Lord of the Rings, or telling me I hit like a girl when I bitchslap your face.

Perry's been bouncing between labels for years now. Back in 2004 Blender called her "the next big thing" and compared her to girl-of-the-then Avril Lavigne. An album with the Matrix was supposedly in the works, but somehow that never materialized.

Now it's 2008 and Perry's being compared to girls-of-the-now Lily Allen and Kate Nash thanks to her Ur So Gay EP and advance tracks from her upcoming full-length. Besides "Ur So Gay," the EP features a routine dance remix of the title track, a clunker ballad called "Lost" and a satisfyingly cheesy cover of the Outfield's "Your Love," which will probably turn up in the prom scene of a tween romcom sometime soon.

Perez Hilton's taken a liking to Perry (not surprising, considering his penchant for everything puerile), and is heavily promoting her and the "Ur So Gay" video, a Barbie-on-Ken pantomime about getting it on with a plasticine Pete Wentz look-alike doll.

Obviously, Perez has loads of power when it comes to pushing new music. (His party at South by Southwest was the festival's hardest-to-come-by ticket this year.) Sometimes he uses this power for good (Yelle is dynamite and Santogold's just getting started); other times--i.e., Perry--Perez harnesses his forces for evil.

Okay, maybe that's overstating Perry's obnoxiousness. She's not a bad singer, and her lyrics are sure to be adopted as "OMG 2 tru" by every middle school-aged MySpacer reeling from a broken heart. Each generation needs their breakup anthem, I guess, and for better or worse "Ur So Gay" might just be ours.

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1. Joey Diggs said... on Jul 24, 2008 at 12:00AM

“Ligthen up, Francis.”

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2. rvolt24 said... on Jul 30, 2008 at 01:53PM

“"You're so vain. I bet you think this song is about you." wow, you need to stop being a cry-baby... "Someone made a song that was hurtful to my feelings"... big deal... reading your complaint made me want to punch a kitten... did i do it?... no... because i don't think the world is insulting me, and if it is, i don't think their insults actually have merit... as for the I Kissed a Girl, she's making fun of those people who are acting in a manner incongruent with their sexual identity... the girl of the song got a thrill out of doing something that she believed to be taboo, i.e homosexual kissing... the girl is obviously not gay... she's experimenting with something she finds alluring because it IS taboo (in her mind)... Katy Perry is making fun of people... straight people... and the UR So Gay song is hardly homosexual-unfriendly... it's making fun of guys who think it's cool to act more female than most females... if he was gay, there'd be no song... if he didn't ACT gay, there'd be no song... she's saying "I'm a girl. Not you. Stop it."... she's making fun of those guys who are unsure of their own identity, so they say "I want to be different. I'll act like THOSE GUYS."... the song is just pointing out those people we all see and shake our heads about... men, women, and homosexual alike all think those wanna-be-emo-punks are pathetic... she's just saying in a girly manner what macho men always say; "Grow a pair."... and that's what you might need to do, too... sac-up and realize that not everyone is trying to insult you... jeez, ur SO gay...”


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