By Kate Kilpatrick
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Real name: Abdul Sallam

Age: 24

Hometown: West Philly (54th and Market).

On Philly rappers: "I think the people who got on in Philly were the wrong people--like Cassidy and the Young Gunz. People see them and think that's Philly. I'm leading this new generation of Philly fly hot boys. I'm trying to bring that Philly flavor and swagger to the next level."

On Philly's style: "Everywhere I go people jock us so hard--our style, our slang, our whole swagger. A lot of big-name people signed Philly artists and then jacked their whole style and ran with it. Cash Money jacked Gillie Da Kid's whole swagger. Lil Wayne talks about wearing Prada and Gucci sneakers. You go to New Orleans--no one does that. They wear army pants and Reeboks. Jay-Z signed so many artists from Philly, so now you hear him saying, 'Yah mean?' Nobody in Brooklyn says that. They even started copying our beards."

On being a Muslim rapper: "It's a constant tug of war. My religion is based on humility and being a servant of God. It goes against my whole swagger. But I keep constantly praying, constantly studying. But it's a fight."

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