Of Montreal/ Echo Orbiter

This glee club from Athens combines the best elements of musical theater and disarmingly autobiographical lyrics.

By Joey Sweeney
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Last summer, I got in a whole heap of trouble by revealing to anyone who cared to read Salon.com that the fallout of this whole Elephant 6/Kindercore groundswell was a string of bands who were derivative of bands who were derivative of bands who were derivative of bands from the '60s that might not have been that great to begin with. The only thing that saved my life--and months of continued bashing on the tweelist and the E6 e-list--was that even I had to admit that there was something pretty special about this band called Of Montreal. This glee club from Athens, Ga., combines the best elements of dippy '60s pop revisionism with elements of musical theater and disarmingly autobiographical lyrics. Of the lot--along with the Essex Green and the Minders--they're the keepers. Our own--well, at least if you count South Jersey as something belonging to the collective "us"--Echo Orbiter follow along in the same spirit, and indeed, "spirit" is the operative word here. EO are as influenced by musical grave-robbing as any of the E6 bands, with the primary difference being that they pull in the exuberance of punk rock that surely all their influences once had before they discovered the evil weed. So wear comfortable pogo shoes to this one, and please, if you love music, don't offer these kids any drugs.

Sat., Feb. 10, 10pm. $8. With Elekibass. Balcony, 1003 Arch St. 215.922.LIVE. www.thetroc.com

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1. Carrie Bradshaw said... on Dec 1, 2008 at 09:31AM

“God, please stop printing this vomit”

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2. I Should Delete My Account said... on Dec 3, 2008 at 06:15AM

“I too have become enraged and disheartened by Facebook. So much of this hits way too close to home, the ex putting up new pics too soon and the adding of "friends" from high school. Why do we do this to ourselves? When you refer to the homophobia and racism I assume you are talking about the bumper stickers (the non-Edward Cullen ones) that are so vile that I stopped looking at them months ago. ”

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3. There will be drama said... on Dec 3, 2008 at 11:45AM

“I think this says more about the writer than the website, but it is incredibly accurate and makes some great points. Facebook definitely replicates people's behavior rather than deviate from it. A lot like alcohol, a lubricant for releasing your inner id. Facebook has been a great utility for me, but I'm not a caddy ,prickish hipster, nor do I make friends with caddy, prickish hipsters. Having had both friends and relatives work for this paper and tell me nothing but horror stories of being around shallow, prickish, caddy, holier & cooler than thou hipster ass wipes, this column doesn't surprise me. Drama, drama, drama, over nothing. Bleck! ”

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4. Ladybeams said... on Dec 13, 2008 at 09:45PM

“My gosh! I had no idea about the innerworkings of Facebook, but then I don't tell my friends about hardly anything I'm doing online, not even the BF. It's understandable that people may still act like their still in high school as it seems to be a natural behavior in real life, let alone on a site that was built for kids. I found your post very interesting and will "watch my back" and front. LOL.”

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5. sadik said... on Dec 18, 2008 at 10:35AM

“i love in phili girls ”


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