25 Things I Learned Listening to the New Gucci Mane Album

By Brian McManus
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Gucci Mane is one of hip-hop’s most intriguingly enigmatic artists. Here, we mine some interesting nuggets from his new album, The Return of Mr. Zone 6.

1. I know I still don’t know what “Mr. Zone 6” means.

2. As you’ve no doubt heard/seen, Gucci Mane, upon release from a mental institution, got a tattoo of a three-scoop ice cream cone that shoots lightning bolts ... on his face. He must really like it, because on Mr. Zone 6, a drawing of the tattoo appears four times.

3. Gucci won’t “shit, shave or shower” until he get his money back.

4. Gucci might not be the world’s most exceptional rapper, but he certainly is gifted in the art of picking great song titles. Exhibit A: track 10, “Pancakes.”

5. All of the slurry, lazy rappers who guest on the album—Waka Flocka, Master P, Birdman—sound exactly alike. Which is to say amazing.

6. Gucci is “a rich ass nigga.” You “a bitch ass nigga.”

7. More accurately: He “a rich ass nigga wif a mouf fulla gold, wif a mouf fulla gold, wif a mouth fulla gold.” Or so says him on track two, “Mouth Full of Golds.”

8. Waka Flocka has taken to calling himself “Flockavelli.”

9. Gucci Mane is “like Luke in the ’90s.”

10. Gucci is “healthy, stealthy and wealthy.” He can “probably show a nigga how to drive Jet Ski.”

11. Gucci “blows kush smoke on his haters while he fucks with the real fuck-you fakers.”

12. Gucci is “icy as an Icee.”

13. The chorus of track four, “Reckless,” is “Let’s get reckless,” repeated 16 times.

14. Gucci shouts out to his set on a track called “Shout Out To My Set.”

15. Gucci is a “carnivore.” He a “dinosaur.” You a “herbivore.” He use “verbs and words you ain’t heard before.” (Gucci doesn’t think you know what a dinosaur is.)

16. Gucci don’t love her, which he makes abundantly clear on the track “I Don’t Love Her.”

17. Pretty bitches love Gucci, he tells us on “Pretty Bitches.” He thinks it’s because he’s “a bottle popper.”

18. Though he hasn’t been around in some time, Master P still can say “UNNNNNNHHHHHHHHHHH” without missing a beat, which he proves time and again on “Brinks.”

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