Critic's Pick: Leather

By Elliott Sharp
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“We spend our time getting high on cleaning fluids, listening to hard music and shaving my cat.” This is the response I got from Brad Raub, the drummer of Philadelphia rock band Leather, when I asked what the brick-lobbing quartet’s been doing recently. No straight answers from these jerks—just straight rock. In an age of sad-bastard music—yeah, that means you, Bon Iver and Drake—a gigantic middle finger to EVERYTHING once again means EVERYTHING. Leather has guts, and they love to hurl them. Do yourself a big favor and track down their banana-melting 7-inches: Anchorite, Sterile and Wretch. No full-length yet, but one’s in the works. “We’re in the process of writing an album of Leather songs,” says Raub. “They sound like Leather, tried and true.” Amen.

Fri., Feb. 3, 8pm. $8. With Double Negative, Murder, Heathen Reign + Wargames. The Level Room, 2102 Market St. 215.564.4202.

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1. Jake said... on Feb 4, 2012 at 07:30PM

“Leather is the only thing that matters.”


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