On the Record: Nickelback, Hot Chelle Rae & More

Album reviews in 30 seconds or less.

By Bill Chenevert
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Here and Now


Sounds Like: The pseudo-hard rock, vaguely metallic AND country Canadian train wreck’s seventh album’s as abysmal as you might expect (approaching Creed status).

Free Association: Dude, didjya see ’em at Thanksgiving hafltime? Those guys ROCK.

For Fans Of: ...


Hot Chelle Rae



Sounds Like: The Nashville, Tenn.-born emo pop rock quartet’s almost a joke - these pretty boys aren’t musicians but they’re fun pawns to see milked for their shimmery optimism.

Free Association: Ousting Rooney as the reigning emo tween girl it-band of the moment.

For Fans Of: Sugar Ray/Smashmouth, New Boyz/Demi Lovato, text-heavy chest tattoos.


Trey Songz



Sounds Like: The young R&B heavy-hitter’s a golden boy guesting on everyone’s records. His five-song EP’s slow and sexy (kind of), but the songs are forgettable.

Free Association: A weak batch of throwaways to collect summa that XMas cheddar.

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