On the Record: Kelly Clarkson, The Decemberists, Atlas Sound & More

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By Bill Chenevert
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Atlas Sound



Sounds Like: Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox is one brilliant man and on his infectious third solo album he’s outdone himself with spacey, wistful psychedelic indie pop.

Free Association: These songs are so well-written they feel like gifts waiting to be opened.

For Fans Of: Stereolab + Brian Eno, Sigur Ros x R.E.M./B-52’s, alien gay crooners.

Surfer Blood

Tarot Classics


Sounds Like: The Florida-born rookies’ first EP and second release after their solid debut is more pleasant, easy- listenin’ guitar-heavy, sunny surf rock.

Free Association: This’ll keep the music nerds’ panties wet until the next full-length.

For Fans Of: The Drums x Fang Island, the Shins n’ Feelies, Pitchfork favorites.

The Decemberists

Long Live The King


Sounds Like: An outtakes EP from The King Is Dead that’s as exciting as it sounds with sad tales told in their spaghetti western style before a reported hiatus—hallelujah!

Free Association: I do you favors, these are 25 minutes of my life that will never return.

For Fans Of: The Pogues x Neutral Milk Hotel, Figurines, shit bands taking breaks.

Cass McCombs

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