By Matt Petrillo Video

Pot: Less Illegal Than It Was Yesterday

Getting caught with 30 grams or less of reefer will still get you arrested, still get you fingerprinted, but will only be a “summary violation," which is great news for Philly's court system!

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    Leonard Krivitsky, MD, DD said...
    As the evolution in public perception of the Cannabis medicinal plant changes from the racist nonsense of Harry Anslinger and his "Marijuana Tax Act" of 1937 back to reality that our Founding Fathers new and appreciated, the laws will change as well. This evolution must happen in our common consciousness, and it will, step-by-step. In the meantime, I want to thank Mr. Seth Williams for his wise and courageous policies, and I believe history will prove him right and his critics wrong, as it has done in other jurisdictions.

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    Jim said...
    A step in the right direction here in Philly! Yay!

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