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Pretty Things Peep Show

The Pretty Things Peep Show performed at the balcony of the Trocadero Theatre on Saturday, Jan. 30th, to a standing room only audience. Featuring Donny "the human blockhead" Vomit, Miss Heather Holiday, Bettina May, and go-go Amy, the classy burlesque and sideshow quartet swallowed swords, ate light bulbs, stripped down, and got nailed.

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    really said...
    Trocadero oversold the Balcony. If you could see you were there from 9pm. The show was supposed to start at 10pm but instead started at 11pm. They ran out of physical tickets around 10pm and continued to sell tickets. I paid $12 to stare at the back of people's heads until I got fed up and left a half hour later like 30 or so other people. Guess I'll just stick to Peek A Boo's burlesque routines and Old City Sideshow's acts. I know they always put on a good show because I can always SEE what they're doing.

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