Audio Track by Chester County Paranormal Research Society Audio

Duffy's Cut: Conversations With the Dead, Part 10

The CCPRS, with permission from the Duffy's Cut research team, used a device that purportedly scans AM radio band to enable two-way conversation between the living and the dead. In the 1800s, 57 Irish railroad workers died mysteriously near Malvern; a team of researchers has been working for eight years to find out how. The question: What's Jack's last name? Answer: Hare.

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  • 1.

    Debbie said...
    People who buy this crap are so gulible.

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  • 2.

    chyna said...
    And people who say stuff like that are narrow-minded. One could easily say that one that believes in God are so gullible. But since no one can prove that ghosts or God DOES or DOESN'T exist (there's more evidence of ghosts than actual evidence of God, by the way) it's all about faith and belief. Some people, even with proof staring them in the face, still will not believe, no matter what. So to each his or her own.

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