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1. Leon said... on Oct 15, 2010 at 08:53PM|Rating:
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“If your tired of the city wide special and looking for a change find your way to the entrance of Drinkers West. Be prepared to be quizzed on your entire bodily description, birth date in full name according to what is printed on your ID, unless of course you look older, girls come one in! On second thought I hope you had one city wide special because this is not the kind of place you want to start off sober; kind of feels like that movie, "Frat boy Paradise". If its after eight on the weekend, don't mind pushing your way threw a pack of steamy students and wait, is that my old high school athletic director, wounder what he is doing at a college bar with mostly Penn students half his age? I think I'm going to just take a seat on these weird bulky pillows and cushions located in this corner. That's a weird stain, looks like we may need to stand be social and wait for those drinks to kick in, come on alcohol PLEASE kick in, I cant handle this place. As your leaving you may be joyful about one thing, single bathrooms; no stage fright boys, girls to? At least the drinks where dog on cheep. Save money and come back on Wednesday night if you dare!”


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