Philadelphia weather has been a major tease so far.

We’ve had near 90 degree days and then a day later you were forced to break that winter coat back out. But pretty soon, we’ll be back to warm temperatures on a consistent basis and the opportunity to hit pop-ups like Spruce Street Harbor Park all summer long.

Recently, the Delaware Waterfront Commission provided a sneak peek at what’s in-store when SSHP’s promenade re-opens on May 12. All it did for us was provide a pleasant reminder at just how awesome last summer was at SSHP. Here’s a look at five things we’re excited about coming back and new shit you should look forward to as we head into another (hopefully) great summer in Philadelphia.

SSHP Ice cream

1. Franklin Fountain ice cream

You know it’s good, so we don’t need to tell you that, but what we love is the healthy scoops you get for not that much dinero. Not a cone person? Try a root beer float or your choice of vanilla, mint chocolate chip or black raspberry sitting atop a warm fluffy waffle. So good. So freaking good.

SSHP Chickies and Petes

2. The new Chickie’s and Pete’s container

There isn’t anything Philly’s crab fry empire doesn’t have a hand in now. And yes, they’re equally as hot and the cheese is equally as think coming out of a container. This is Chickie’s and Pete’s first time on the SSHP strip, but

SSHP Hammock chicks

3. Endless shit to relax on throughout.

The hammocks, the teak chairs, the rope bridges over the water. On a nice day, there may not be a better place to relax with a good book, hang with some friends and a few beers or simply just people watch than SSHP. They’ve added more hammocks right by the Columbus Blvd. and Dock St. entrance for your relaxation pleasure too and as always just can go to the DWRC’s homepage and reserve a hammock lounge for you and your homies, too. You’re welcome.


4. Beer selection at The Barge

The beer selection is really good. In fact, dare we say The Barge and its beer list rivals any of the pop-up beer gardens you’ll find in the city. We should also note that The Barge also added two new margarita flavors, but to be honest they’re all made with generic mix and they were all pretty shitty. Our suggestion? Skip the sweet stuff and head straight for the suds.

SSHP Distrito

5. Distrito tacos

Not only are they good, they’ve added even better ones. The pollo taco is a staple; but this season, the University City taqueria (3945 Chestnut St.) has added a shrimp taco and esquites (basically bangin’ ass corn on the cob), the latter created with a chipotle mayo base, chiles, fresh cheese and lime.




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