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Just before the summer, Old City’s Art in the Age released a whiskey made with oil from the sacs of beavers. It’s delicious, makes a great cocktail and adds to the host of other area establishments crafting great drinks with weird ingredients. | Image courtesy: Art in the Age

Right around spring, the folks at Art in the Age, introduced Eau de Musc, a sipping bourbon derived from the castor sacs of beavers right below the tail.

And while the notion of drinking beaver oil might sound a little gross, it’s truly quite the opposite.

Beaver oil, known specifically as castoreum, is actually a common ingredient in scented perfumes and colognes, but has also brought out both the flavor and aroma in this whiskey aged about two years alongside notes of vanilla, ginger and raspberries.

But Art in the Age aren’t the only ones doing big things in the cocktail department. A few city and regional establishment are also crafting up delicious cocktails using locally sourced spirits.

Here’s a sampling.

Black Hole Sun | Jet Wine Bar

Patrons still mourning the death of Grunge God and Soundgarden Leading Man, Chris Cornell, should head to Jet Wine Bar for Black Hole Sun, a piquant cocktail named after the band’s most recognizable single, served with Bacardi Rum, Roots Mastiha Liqueur, peach and lime. | $10. Jet Wine Bar, 1525 South St.

Gin n’ Juice | The Bar at Bluebird Distilling

Bluebird Distilling, an award-winning local distillery that specializes in grain to glass craft spirits, including Four Grain Bourbon, Rye Whiskey, Juniperus Gin and Sugarcane Rum, boasts a roster of carefully curated cocktails. This summer, guests can beat the heat with Gin ’n’ Juice, the perfect warm weather libation, served with Juniperus Gin, lime, fresh English cucumber juice, and simple syrup. $12. Bluebird Distilling, 100 Bridge St., Phoenixville, PA |

Gala Dali | Le Meridien Philadelphia

Gala Dali was the wife and business manager of Salvador Dali. Le Méridien Philadelphia’s concept, aMuse, is paying homage to the Surrealist artist’s muse with the Gala Dali cocktail, made with Bacardi premium aged rum, simple syrup, lime juice, mint and angostura bitters. Locals and tourists alike can pull up a seat at The Bar at aMuse and enjoy this refreshing, deconstructed mojito. | $15. Le Meridien Philadelphia, 1421 Arch St.

The Whitehead Tart | City Tap House

The Whitehead Tart — a refreshing take on the classic Hemingway Daiquiri featuring Bluebird Distilling Sugar Cane Rum. Named after Hemingway’s famous Key West residence, located at 907 Whitehead Drive, this cocktail boasts a raspberry twist on a classic. | $14. City Tap House, 3925 Walnut St.; 2 Logan Square

Art of the City | Red Owl Tavern

Kyle Darrow is the lead bartender at Red Owl. Darrrow, was the mastermind behind   this stunning ombré cocktail that was a grand prize winner at Visit Philadelphia’s With Love Cocktail Competition at Le Méridien Philadelphia last summer. Created with black lime infused Bluebird Distilling Gin, lime, pastis, orgeat syrup, and egg whites, guests can enjoy Art of the City, at one of Red Owl Tavern’s al fresco tables flanking Independence Mall. | $14. Red Owl Tavern, 433 Chestnut St. |  

Champagne Pops | The Twisted Tail

The Champagne Pop, boasting fresh fruit popsicles, is a seasonally effervescent cocktail available through the warm weather months — until it gets cold and fresh fruit is no longer in season. The popsicle flavors are ever changing, but previous flavors include lime and mint, mixed berries, and watermelon. Guests should be sure to snap a picture before sipping as the Champagne Pop is sure to secure any imbiber major likes on social media. | $15. Twisted Tail, 509 S. 2nd St.   

Cucumber Gimlet | Ocean Prime

Ocean Prime is known for its delicious seafood, steak, and carefully curated cocktails. Guests looking for a refreshing beverage on a hot day in Center City, should head to the stunning seafood and steakhouse for a Cucumber Gimlet, served with Bombay Sapphire Gin, muddled fresh cucumber, and hand-squeezed lime. | $13. Ocean Prime, 124 S. 15th St.



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