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1. Anonymous said... on Oct 17, 2011 at 05:13PM|Rating:
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“Wish I could say you that our experience at this restaurant was wonderful, it was FAR from wonderful! We decided to use recently purchased Groupons to meet our out-of-town friends for brunch at La Fuente. The Groupon stated we could use 2 per visit (1 for us and 1 for our friends). When we got there, the waitress rudely told us that we could only use one. After involving a manager and seating at separate tables (with separate checks), they would not budge, but rather chose to make a scene in front of other diners, which was so embarrassing to us and our out-of-town friends. We tried very hard to enjoy our meal, but it had been completely ruined by the pettiness exhibited towards us in front of others. When we were waiting for our bill, the owner then came out to make yet another scene. He came out yelling that he would not except both Groupons, only one. We tried (again) telling him what the terms of the Groupon stated, and he kept on ranting and raving and causing a scene. It didn't matter one bit how his behavior was affecting us or his other paying customers. He refused to let us use both Groupons, even though we sat separately and had separate checks. In his view, because we knew each other when we came in, he was not going to be accommodating and let us you our Groupons. We finally decided there was no reasoning with him. We didn't use any of our Groupons (we paid for both meals) and left. We were mortified that it was more important to him to choose to openly embarrass us and lose many customers in the process than make our dining experience a pleasant one. I don't care how great the food is, it's equally important to be able to enjoy it too! Which clearly we did not, nor did his other patrons. I hope it was worth it to him to lose all this business.”


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