If you’ve yet to try what’s cookin’ at Brewerytown’s Spot Burger, make sure you add this sandwich to your social calendar. | Image: Reuben Harley

What’s good, Philly grubbers!

This week, I ventured into the Brewerytown section of Philly to delicious burger joint Spot Burger on 2821 W. Girard Avenue. 

I had to see my guy, owner and chef Josh Kim, who makes his fresh ground from grass-fed beef a true mission statement you can taste in literally every bite. 

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Reuben Harley | @BigRubeHarley

I first met Josh when he was slinging his beef in 2012, hustling via a food cart located on Drexel Campus long before dreams of his first brick and mortar location. I pulled up on him while I was out street gazing with my camera. It was the smell that got me first before I even saw it. I had to have one, and I was hooked at first bite. 

What really makes this spot (pun intended) great is Josh’s backstory, which might be just as good as his burgers. Born to Korean immigrants, Josh was raised in both South Philly and later Lafayette Hill, getting a taste of both sides of life in Greater Philadelphia. He started out in a career of ATM video security but naturally found the work to be unfulfilling, despite making bank doing so. 

He always kept claws in the culinary biz since he was a kid and got an idea of starting his own venture after watching the show “Great Food Truck Race” on the Food Network. His wife challenged him to put his money where his mouth is, so he obtained a food cart and with little to no help from veterans of the food truck industry, he was on his way. It wasn’t long before he was winning awards all over town, including the annual Philly Burger Brawl in 2016, making a clear mark with his truck in University City. 

As his status grew, so did the need for an actual storefront. After scouting locations all over the city, he settled in a former soul food spot in a rapidly gentrifying area of North Philadelphia. Hiring within the neighborhood, Josh says that mindset has kept folks familiar with the staff, and that the neighborhood continues to look out for him. 


Spot Burger chef and owner Josh Kim went from saving up for his first food cart to a Brewerytown brick and mortar is the class of the neighborhood when it comes to a great sandwich. | Image: Reuben Harley

Getting back to the taste of these yummy burgers, his cuts feature various parts of the cattle, including the brisket, sirloin, chuck and short ribs. Grilling it on his seasoned plancha makes for a great, juicy, medium temperature. Personally, your boy loves the burgers, but I especially enjoy the fresh cut fries that Spot Burger makes every day. 

In addition to the burgers, you have to try the ribeye cheesesteaks and chicken cheesesteaks, both with no added fillers. Josh didn’t leave you vegans hanging either as he created a great vegan burger with no soy additives.

I implore you to venture out of your comfort zone, Philly. Let’s grub.



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