Our Food Critic Dares to Review His Mother's Thanksgiving Feast

By Brian Freedman
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It was a small price to pay, and an accurate indication of the success of the meal that preceded it: When your stomach and liver are both too overtaxed for that final alcoholic post-prandial treat, it was a great dinner indeed.

Beautifully done, Mom and Dad.

Now can you watch your granddaughter this coming Saturday night?

And am I still in the will? 

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1. Anonymous said... on Nov 28, 2012 at 04:50PM

“This article was immensely entertaining. It was like having the writer at my house for Thanksgiving. I try to follow Brian's writings and wine suggestions. He's has a way of writing that brings you into his world with humor and facts that are terrific and fun........”

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2. Judith Jacobson said... on Dec 1, 2012 at 05:39PM

“Your mother is amazing! You're lucky she cooked, although I know she always does- AND its always de-licious. You would have been strongly admonished for the stuffing review- at my house, where there was no cooking going on. Each Thanksgiving, my family ate at the Turan Grato (sp?)- a lovely Italian restaurant in a basement in the city. I truly believed, at least until I met my husband, that everyone ate lamb chops and the wedding escarole soup on Thanksgiving. I had never eaten a turkey!
However, I thoroughly enjoyed your review, written to perfection!



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