You’re Quite the Dish: Sneaky Spicy Greens at Phoebe’s BBQ

By Cristina Perachio
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You’re quite the dish, Sneaky Spicy Greens at Phoebe’s BBQ. Now don’t make any sudden moves.

You can relax. It’s my flavor that’s sneaky.


OK, but I’ve got my eye on you. What can you tell me about your recipe?

I’m over 30 years old and handed down from the original owners’ grandmother in Oklahoma. Our current chef/owner, Anastasio Botsaris, promised he wouldn’t change any of the recipes.


When I think of BBQ, it’s Texas or South Carolina. What’s the difference in Oklahoma BBQ?

We’re simpler recipes, and collard greens are a standout of Oklahoma BBQ.


What makes you the “sneaky” green?

I’m not an overwhelming heat but more of a zesty collard green spiced with crushed red pepper.


Can you give me the lowdown on grandma’s Okie-style recipe?

I’m soaked for three hours and then added to a boiling stock of smoked turkey butt, onions, celery and black pepper. Collards like myself, unlike spinach or other leafy greens, retain a crispy crunch.


Are there any special techniques to get you just right?

Chef Botsaris blackens the stock pot by adding celery, onions and black pepper and then burning the bottom of the pot before adding the smoked turkey and water to complete the stock. Plus I’m delivered daily from the Italian market and always made fresh.


What does Chef Botsaris suggest customers pair you with?

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