Little Baby’s Ice Cream is One Part Dessert, Two Parts Andy Warhol

By Michael Alan Goldberg
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It’s A Feeling

“It’s a feeling”—that’s the Little Baby’s slogan. On one level, it refers to ice cream’s universal appeal. “It’s an emotional experience that just about everybody can relate to,” Angevine says.

But on another level, it’s about creating a new feeling in people, one they might normally be reluctant to open themselves up to, and that’s what the weird flavors and visuals and sounds and stunts are all about. For Little Baby’s, ice cream is not only the blank canvas to add any flavor you can dream up, it’s also the delivery system for the philosophy that lots of great, exciting things exist in the world if you’re willing to step outside the box.

“Ice cream’s a comfortable vessel in that it’s something you’re familiar with, but really this is a front to give you a new way of looking at life,” Angevine says. “Ice cream brings people together and makes them happy—there’s no arguing that—but I think we found this cool way to do that and still slip in something that messes with people’s expectations and gives them this new, weird, memorable experience.”

“Obviously someone’s not gonna be trans-formed after eating an ice cream cone from our shop—I don’t think,” says Ziga. “But maybe it’ll nudge people in an interesting direction, where they’ll be more open to trying things out of their comfort zone.”

“The best way to explain the ‘feeling’ is it’s this sensation of being confused and grateful at the same time,” Angevine concludes. “It’s just like my experience making and listening to music, where it’s bizarre and you have no frame of reference and you’re like, ‘I don’t know what’s going on here, but I love it!!’ That’s the best feeling. I want that to happen in your mouth.”

The new Little Baby’s Ice Cream parlor opens Fri., Aug. 3, 5pm. 2311 Frankford Ave.

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1. Anonymous said... on Aug 5, 2012 at 04:33PM

“I would have happily tried this ice cream until I saw that lame viral ad of the man covered in ice cream eating himself. Fail. I will never eat here now.”

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2. Loved ice cream til now said... on Aug 6, 2012 at 07:21AM

“I have been an ice cream lover for decades but the two ads for Little Baby's Ice Cream have creeped me. I'm curious, however, as to how they came up with the Little Baby's name. Is the "little baby" their ice cream business venture? Or is there some other "little baby" to which the name refers? It's not important. Their ads are so bad I have no desire to try their product.”

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3. Anonymous said... on Aug 6, 2012 at 10:01AM

“haha lighten up. Those ads are great!!! And the ice cream is good.

also, why would you deny yourself fun and good ice cream based on what the advertisements look like? It does not affect the taste. You are lost in a tortured dungeon of brand recognition and consumerism.”

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4. Anonymous said... on Aug 7, 2012 at 11:21AM

“Wow, people still say "fail"?

I'm not in the area, but I absolutely plan on visiting here next time I come through Philly. The ads are hilariously creepy, but they also work - hard to forget the name associated with imagery like that. Plus, the ice cream sounds delicious.

Things would be so much more interesting if more businesses tried to follow their own vision rather than whatever lowest common denominator will satisfy the most people. Cheers to people doing something they love!”

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5. Bob Bruhin said... on Aug 7, 2012 at 02:02PM

“Why, yes, we ARE still the town that broke David Lynch. …and don’t you ever presume to think otherwise, unless you want to be forced to watch that ad again.”

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6. Anonymous said... on Dec 12, 2012 at 04:46PM

“As usual, hipster central. Doing what they love? They are doing what will sell. Had they been doing what they love they would have become full time musicians. Oh, there is no money in that. Walk into their shop sometime. They cater to white folks. Why didn't they set up shop in Center City or University City, too expensive....Oh, we will head to where all the white folks paid too much for houses.”

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7. Anonymous said... on May 12, 2014 at 07:41PM

“Hehehehe dishwater

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8. Anonymous said... on May 13, 2014 at 07:26PM

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9. Chris hauser said... on Jan 13, 2015 at 09:46PM

“More power to them. Onward and sideways,”


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