You're Quite the Dish: Green Vegetable 
Gazpacho at Bistro 7

By Cristina Perachio
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Green Veggie Gazpacho at Bistro 7, you are looking very green!

Don’t be alarmed. I’m in season, cool and refreshing. If you haven’t heard, red is out. 

Well, I think it’s a great color on you. 

You don’t know how often I hear that. Chef Michael O’Halloran wanted to experiment with traditional tomato-based gazpacho. He uses avocado, local English cucumber, basil and cilantro: fresh and local from Green Meadow Farm in Lilitz (with the exception of the avocados, of course).

Describe yourself in two words.

Just two? Refreshing and light. And complex.

That’s three. What makes you so 

O’Halloran uses a high-velocity blender, mixing my veggies and herbs with rice wine vinegar, lemon juice, buttermilk, salt and a dash of sugar. Then there’s my garnish. Heirloom tomato sorbet: tomatoes are run through a food processor, followed by a tamis (a mesh-like strainer) and then through an ice cream maker.

Quite the workout for a little tomato. 

There’s more! I’m sprinkled with homemade, lightly pickled cuks and red onion for a crunchy texture then swirled with black pepper creme fraiche. 

Let’s get personal for a moment. How do you like to be served?

Cold with a Pinot Grigio or Prosecco.

You sure are confident for a soup.

I’m gazpacho. And when you’re a recurring character on a seasonal menu, it’s hard not to be. Customers are always asking for my recipe, calling as soon as the snow melts to find out when I’m debuting.

What’s your schedule like this year?

I’m here through September, but I’ll be back the Spring of 2012.

Any words of advice to the more 
traditional dishes in Philly?

Green is the new red.

Bistro 7, 7 N. Third St. 215.931.1560.

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