You Win Some, And You Adsum

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Photo by Jeff Fusco

On Sunday, we showed up to Adsum after brunch unannounced to take some photos
of Chef Matt Levin, who had participated in a survey we'd done in our Food & Drink Issue. He happily obliged. He even cooked for us. We shot his "super poutine" and we ate it, too. It RULED.

Then, due to issues of space and the hyperactive thrum of deadline, the shots and his answer got lost in the shuffle. We feel awful about it. So here's all that.

What dish do you find you prepare most often to sooth or comfort yourself when going through a rough patch?

“When I’m feeling down, or need something to take my mind off life, I fire
up my smoker and start to barbecue anything! Whether it’s a pork shoulder, a
whole suckling pig or just a chicken, the 'slow and low"'barbecue process
allows me too just chill and the burning wood smell calms me. Also it takes
a long time and you need to focus on everything from stoking the fire to
basting or brushing the meat. All of that combined keeps my mind so occupied
that I don’t have time to think about the girl or anything that may have
gotten to me."

When you’ve got someone in your sexual sights, what do you cook for them in order to guarantee you’ll close the deal?

"And my 'panty dropper' has to be the SUPER poutine, because if you’re going
to be that naughty already...might as well just go all the way. One guest
said 'eating this just makes me feel dirty and when I feel dirty I wanna be

Thanks, chef!

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