Fly, Turkeys, Fly

On the road to cranberry.

By Tim McGinnis
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Bird dogs: Martin's specialty sausages are as hot as Sophia Loren.

Abraham Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving a national holiday to pay tribute to America's "fruitful fields and healthful skies." It's also come to remind us of the dinner our forefathers shared with Squanto and his Native American brethren that would be the harbinger of their annihilation through smallpox, syphilis and all-out war (mmm, pass the stuffing). We now relive that great day in U.S. history with ravenous overeating. So Field Guide is unbuckling its belt to make room for an extra big helping of festive Philly turkey.

If You Like Your Diner Food Expensive
Its trendy interior and locale makes Continental (138 Market St. 215.923.6069) a magnet for eagerly spending tourists. So what does the mouthbreathing red-stater, seeking some turkey solace as he's forced to spend Thanksgiving in this modern Gommorah, get for his (wait for it) $10? Sadly, the Continental's turkey club sandwich is best described as mundane. But it does come with apple mayo (which sounds more flavorful than it actually is). M L G

If You Like Your Beer Cold and Your Bars Old
Cherry St. Tavern (129 N. 22nd St. 215.561.5683) has been open for more than a hundred years. The evidence is right under your feet: A no-longer-used urine trough runs along the base of the bar. In the good old days men drank, ate and whizzed at the same time. While the dining experience is less efficient now, the turkey is simple, cheap and tasty. G $ H 2 L M

If You're an Insomniac
Wednesday is turkey day at Pagano's Market (701 Market St. 215.925.4700). You can eat a turkey pastrami sandwich for lunch, take home a carved-turkey meal with all the fixins for dinner, use the leftovers for a late-night sammie and then promptly slip into a tryptophan-induced coma. $ H 2 L M F

If You Need to Feed the Family or Gorge Yourself Like a Pig
Bassett's Original Turkey's (45 N. 12th St. 215.925.5598) dinner-for-four special includes one pound of fresh roasted turkey, four large sides, two large gravies, one regular cranberry sauce and four slices of bread--all for $25. It's enough to make competitive eating champion Takeru Kobayashi feel full. $ H 2 L M F

If You Miss the Old Country
The Giunta family has been making and selling Italian sausage to Philadelphians since 1912 at Martin's Specialty Sausages (12th and Arch sts. 215.629.1193). Grandpop's famous recipe made with ground turkey is as hot as a young Sophia Loren. $ H 2 M

If You're Mr. Washington
The Martha Washington-Style Colonial Pot Pie at City Tavern (138 S. Second St. 215.413.1443) comes complete with turkey chunks, peas, mushrooms, potatoes, a sherry cream sauce, flaky pastry crust and a lunchtime price tag of $12.95--which, by an amazing coincidence, is exactly what the City Tavern cost to build in 1773. H 2 L M


G: Guinness on the menu.
$: Reasonable prices.
H: Home-style food.
2: Come back for seconds.
L: Large portions.
M: Moist meat.
F: Fixins.

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