You're Quite the Dish: S’More Doughnut at Federal Donuts

By Cristina Perachio
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You’re quite the breakfast treat, S’More Doughnut at Federal Donuts!

S’Mores are an American institution like apple pie, but please don’t write that down. Pie already gets enough press: it’s doughnut time.

Very well. What makes you such a stand-out amongst your cake-for-breakfast brethren?

While my concept is nothing new—simply roasted marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers—it’s the technique used to capture that campfire-y goodness that makes me so unique.

I think I have this figured out. Whole doughnut, roasted over a campfire.

Not exactly. Real marshmallows are roasted with a creme brulee torch to get that crispy exterior and gooey center. Then, the toasted ’mallows are turned into a puree then mixed with confectioners sugar, at a precise ratio, to get my roasty, toasty glaze.

OK, then you’re stuffed between some graham crackers and chocolate?

Please—I’m much more sophisticated than that. I’m topped with buttered, toasted graham cracker crumbles and drizzled with a chocolate ganache. Campfire not needed.

You’re pretty crafty. Are there any tricks to get your flavor just right?

To avoid a sickeningly sweet glaze, I’m seasoned with a bit of salt.

So what is the real difference between you and the chain doughnut shops?

I’m hot and fresh, made to order with an antique “doughnut robot” that can pop out 300 to 400 donuts in an hour. Plus, I’m a cake-batter doughnut which is typically denser than a yeast donut; however, the fine folks at Federal have modified the cake-batter recipe for the perfect texture and density.

I just have to ask: I haven’t had any yet so how can I have some more of nothing?

For real? A Sandlot joke? This interview is over...

[At this point, S’More Doughnut stormed out of the bakery and was met by a steaming hot cup of coffee. I’m told he’ll be available on the menu for the next few weeks.]

Federal Donuts, 1219 S. Second St. 267.687.8258.

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