PW's Year of Beer: Stone RuinTen IPA

By Eric San Juan
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Brewed several years ago for their 10th anniversary, Stone’s RuinTen IPA  proved so boisterously aggressive and so insanely popular they decided to make it an annual release. Lovers of take-no-prisoners beers rejoiced. The 2014 version of this potent brew is just hitting taps now, but be sure to wear your big boy pants if you plan on trying it, because this beer is as uncompromising as they come. It’s not the robust 10.8 percent ABV that does it. It’s not even the slick, full body. It’s all those hops. Lots and lots of hops. They savage your tongue with a lashing of piney bitterness, fill your nostril with acerbic aromas, and utterly overpower anything and everything else. Thinking about pairing this with food? Don’t bother. You won’t be able to taste anything but RuinTen punching its way through your taste buds. It’s that aggressive. Won’t be on draft for long, so keep your eyes open.

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