PW's Year of Beer: Dogfish Head Midas Touch

By Eric San Juan
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We love beer. That's why we're devoting an entire year to discovering (and drinking) cold ones from near and far. Know of a beer worth shouting out? Send us a note.

It would be a fair to ask if Dogfish Head’s Midas Touch actually qualifies as beer. The ingredient certainly list doesn’t look like beer. In addition to barley, it’s made with honey, grapes and saffron. It doesn’t taste like any beer you’ve ever had, either, having far more in common with a sparkling chardonnay or dry mead than it does with a glass of ale. Boasting a dry finish, a honey-kissed sweetness and an herbal aroma touched lightly with hops, this highly effervescent brew is the kind of drink you sip over a fine meal. You won’t be downing multiple pints of this—at 9 percent ABV you’d be on the floor sooner rather than later—but you will find yourself astonished at how diverse beer can be. Try it at Barcade and Kennett.

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